1. Attack on a China Mission


1. The Pan-American Exposition By Night
2. Excelsior! The Prince of the Magicians
3. What Happened on Twenty-Third Street
4. The Devil and the Statue


1. A Trip to the Moon
2. Gulliver’s Travels


1. The Great Train Robbery
2. The Kingdom of Fairies
3. The Infernal Cakewalk
4. Jupiter’s Thunderballs
5. The Life of an American Fireman
6. What Happened in the Tunnel


1. Grand Display of Brock’s Fireworks at Crystal Palace
2. Metamorphosis of a Butterfly
3. The Cook in Trouble


1. The Kleptomaniac
2. The Little Train Robbery
3. The Black Imp
4. A Crazy Composer


1. The Dream of a Rarebit Fiend
2. A Trip Down Market Street Before the Fire
3. Tit for Tat
4. Films of the San Francisco Earthquake
5. Three American Beauties


1. Kiri-Kis
2. The Rivals
3. The “Teddy” Bears
4. The Eclipse
5. The Haunted Hotel
6. Lightning Sketches


1. Rescued from an Eagle’s Nest
2. The Adventures of Dollie


1. A Corner in Wheat
2. Those Awful Hats
3. Le papillon fantastique
4. The Sealed Room

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