Time Is On My Side

Ah, so much TV to watch, so little time to devote to quality blogging. I’ve got 1987 ranked, just need to write it up. I hope to get to that this weekend. Til then, here’s some quick reviews from recent tivo-watching:

To Catch A Thief: One of the few classic Hitchcock films I hadn’t seen, I finally got around to watching last night. It was alright, if the plot had twisted like I thought it should have, it would have been better. Still, there’s a lot of weird stuff going on with Grace Kelly’s character. Anyway, it’s pretty, but no North By Northwest.

TV Shows: It’s season premiere time, with Arrested Development, Lost, Alias, The OC, and Curb Your Enthusiasm all back on the cable this week. Some new shows that seem interesting so far: My Name Is Earl, Kitchen Confidential, Extras, Rome and Invasion (though I haven’t watched any of it yet). Battlestar Galactica finished it’s season in excellent fashion after what I thought had been a disappointing second season. Hopefully it’ll be better when it comes back in January.

The Hitch-Hiker: Had to watch it to follow along the film noir podcast and it was well-worth it. Very strange, remarkably economical story about a guy who holds two men hostage and makes them drive him through Mexico. A lot like the Sidney Poitier/Kirstie Alley movie Shoot To Kill, only really good. It’s not a noir generically speaking, but it’s got the style down to a science. Only 70 minutes long, too. My fist Ida Lupino movie, she sounds like a fascinating person.

Also, there’s a couple cool documentaries out there. The first is about the history baseball in Latin America called Viva Baseball that has some really interesting interviews and some great footage I’d never seen before. Very well done, especially considering it’s on Spike TV of all networks. The other is Spaghetti West, and IFC documentary about, well, Spaghetti Westerns. They did a similar one a few months ago on Hong Kong martial arts movies, and this is just as good. Gave me some films to add to the old queue, since the only one’s I’ve seen are Sergio Leone’s four movies.

And in real news: Tom DeLay got indicted. WOO HOO! HOO RAY! YEE HAW!!

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