It’s Pronounced EE-ON

Saw Aeon Flux last night. It’s pretty bad. None of the creativity of the cartoon. In fact, they seemed to be trying to not do everything that was actually cool about the cartoon: the stylish filming, the dark, noir atmosphere, the inexplicable plot. Not as bad as Tomb Raider, but still bad.

Started watching Carnivale last week, but through some kind of Netflix screw up, they sent me disc 1 of The Wire instead of disc 2 of Carnivale, so now I’m watching The Wire instead. One disc into each of them, they seem pretty good. I can already tell I’m gonna be mad that Carnivale ended after only two seasons. Speaking of HBO, this season of Curb Your Enthusiasm was pretty dull, the worst season yet in fact, but the season finale was great. And Rome, which ended it’s first season a couple weeks ago, was outstanding.

Not a lot going on in Marinerland as they’ve only signed Japanese catcher Kenji Johjima, though it looks like he’ll be pretty good and certainly over last year’s offensive black hole. Baseball’s winter meetings are going on this week, so maybe something will get done there. I’m hoping for a Kevin Millwood signing.

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