Chronicles Of Gonzaga

Watched Narnia the other night and was pretty disappointed. The effects were pretty mediocre, the child actors were uniformly awful and the script was way too simplistic, with a total lack of subtlety. It’s like all the worst moments of the Harry Potter and LOTR movies, with none of the great parts. Tilda Swinton is really great though. It’s really worth seeing just for her.

As for the much balleyhooed Christian allegory: bleh. Aslan the Lion King sacrifices himself to save the kids. That’s all well and good, but then he comes back to life and explains that he knew all along if he allowed himself to be sacrificed that he’d be resurrected in the morning. So what’s so great about the sacrifice? He knew he wasn’t really going to die. Compared to the death and rebirth of Gandalf in LOTR, this is just silly.

In happier news, I’ve been watching as many Gonzaga basketball games as I can get on the tivo, which is surprisingly quite a few. I’ve seen every game since their triple overtime thriller in Maui against Michigan St. Today’s game against Oklahoma St. at Key Arena was another great one. Junior Adam Morrison (from my alma mater Mead High School), who’s leading the nation in scoring, was seemingly held in check by some very good defense, yet still managed to score 25 points including the game winning 3 pointer with 2 seconds left in the game. Gonzaga’s been struggling, losing to UW last weekend and trailing OSU for most of today’s game, but they are playing with their starting back court out with injuries. As the game ended today, one of the announcers from CBS called Morrison the best player in college basketball. It’s hard to argue with that.

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