The Witch Is Dead!

Carl Everett has been designated for assignment and Chris Snelling has been called up to take his roster spot.

I’ve only two things to say about this:

1. WOO! HOO!

2. What the hell took so long?

UPDATE: The Mariners have traded Shin-Soo Choo to the Indians for DH/1B Ben Broussard. This likely means that Snelling goes back down to Tacoma (bad) unless it means they’ve got a trade in the works for Richie Sexson (good) or they decide to play Ichiro! in Centerfield (good) or put Snelling in Center (bad).

All this activity is so exciting that USSMariner has crashed on a Wednesday afternoon. We’re currently getting text-editor updates only from the site (hilarious).

2 thoughts on “The Witch Is Dead!

  1. i’m pretty sure i’m the one who broke ussmariner. what can i say, i’m at work and it’s dead.but yeah, this is an awesome set of moves.


  2. Well, it could be awesome. If Broussard just takes over for Everett and Snelling goes back to Tacoma. . . well, that’s still an improvement. But that’s just in the sense that right-around average is an improvement over replacement-level.Bavasi’s excited that the M’s now control Broussard for the next two years as well. 2 1/2 years of Sexson at 1B, Ibañez in LF and Broussard at DH with Snelling on the bench or in Tacoma is not something to be excited about.Ann-Margaret in Viva Las Vegas (on TCM right now), now that’s exciting.


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