Snakes, Planes And Cocoa-Puffs

Chuck Klosterman appears to have camped out in my brain again, as once more he’s taken the thoughts out of my head and written them up far better than I ever could. Reading his book Sex, Drugs and Cocoa-Puffs was an excruciating exercise in learning that I’m not a writer, as essay after essay pondered terrain I myself had thought or written about, with the difference being that Klosterman’s writing is actually good.

Anyway, here’s the bastard’s essay on the upcoming hype-classic Snakes On A Plane, wherein he once again articulates the vague notions floating around my disordered and distracted brain far more cogently than I ever could. Jerk.

3 thoughts on “Snakes, Planes And Cocoa-Puffs

  1. The thing about that book that you have to keep in mind; he’s talking out of his ass about Evergreen, and pretty much everything he says is an out and out lie. Seriously. This isn’t just sensitivity talking here. But otherwise, yeah, dude can write an easy like no one’s business.FYI, if you’re interested, I’m blogging my trip. It’s nothing incredibly exciting, just recaps of the day’s events and my impressions of Alaska, (and hopefully at some point some of my sister’s AMAZING digital photgraphy,) but if you’re interested, check out


  2. I don’t really have an opinion of Evergreen one way or the other. It’s his writing about film and popular culture I appreciate.I’ll check out your blog, though.


  3. Finally read the Klosterman essay. Seeing as how he (or anyone else) hadn’t seen the film, I think he totally nailed it. My motivations for seeing it and being excited about it were the exact ones he laid out, and despite being really excited I wasn’t expecting much.But then I saw it, and it was totally satire, and really good satire at that. The fact that Klosterman (and pretty much everyone else in the world, myself included) was so totally wrong makes the movie that much cooler.


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