A Word From Duff And Bill

A Shameless Plug from Vinyl Is Heavy.

The AFI updated its Top 100 American Films List last night, but I didn’t know it was on and failed to watch it. The list’s a bit better than the one from ten years ago, but not much. Apparently, “America” now not only includes England (Lawrence Of Arabia, Bridge On The River Kwai, several works by Stanley Kubrick), but New Zealand (Fellowship Of The Ring) as well. Yay America!

On the plus side, a number of Metro Classics made the list. Casablanca dropped from #2 to #3, and Taxi Driver went from #47 to #52 but The Searchers rode from #96 to #12, Duck Soup flew from #85 to #60, Sunrise burst onto the list at #82 and the right thing was done as Do The Right Thing joins the list at #96.

Speaking of Sunrise, did I mention it’s playing at the Metro Cinemas next Wednesday, June 27? And that the rest of the Metro Classics will be playing every Wednesday for the rest of the summer? Bring you friends, meet Duff and Bill and score some free popcorn by mentioning The End Of Cinema.

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