Movie Roundup: Still Not Here Edition

I’d hoped to be back in the blog game this week, but I got a nasty head cold for Christmas instead. So I’m focusing on the mammoth Ford At Fox boxset (My new #1 DVD of the year), basketball and the wife’s homemade chicken soup instead. I have managed to watch a few movies over the last few weeks, and here’s the contentless updates to The Big List:

Late Autumn: 6, 1960
The Darjeeling Limited: 2007
Red Dust: 7, 1932
Kameradschaft: 4, 1931
Ace In The Hole: 5, 1951
Hot Rod: 2007
Juno: 2007
Once: 9, 2006
Drums Along The Mohawk: 11, 1939
The Prisoner Of Shark Island: 8, 1936

If all goes well, I’ll be back next week with the 2007 Movies Of The Year (need to see There Will Be Blood still) and a contribution to the series on the Coen Brothers over at Vinyl Is Heavy.

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