Movies Of The Year: 2007 (Part One)

Still need to see There Will Be Blood (looks like Thursday), so the list for 2007 will have to wait until next week. But to fill the time until then, here’s the return of a nice DVD Beaver listserv idea.

I saw 302 films for the first time in 2007. Of those, 259 were more than a couple years old. Here’s the top 51, in alphabetical order:

A Canterbury Tale
Air Force
All That Heaven Allows
Bad Day At Black Rock
Bend Of The River
Cranes Are Flying
Early Spring
El Dorado
Flowers Of Shanghai
Goodbye South, Goodbye
Hell In The Pacific
I Know Where I’m Going!
Jour de fete
Lancelot du lac
Last Year At Marienbad
Le million
Le proces de Jeanne D’arc
Letter From An Unknown Woman
Lola Montes
Madame de. . .
Mon oncle
Monsieur Verdoux
New Rose Hotel
On Dangerous Ground
Police Story
Portrait Of Jennie
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter . . . And Spring
Story Of The Last Chrysanthemums
Taste Of Cherry
The Dawn Patrol
The Decalogue
The Exterminating Angel
The Last Laugh
The Leopard
The Long Goodbye
The Loyal 47 Ronin
The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956)
The Ox-Bow Incident
The Steel Helmet
The Tarnished Angels
The Thing From Another World
To Be Or Not To Be
Tokyo Twilight
Tout va bien
Tropical Malady
Unknown Pleasures
Woman In The Dunes

In other news, Metro Classics will be back in February. The bookings aren’t set yet, but this should be the lineup:

Musicals with Gershwin Scores:

Shall We Dance?
An American In Paris
Funny Face

Westerns with scores by folk rock legends::

Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid
McCabe & Mrs. Miller
Dead Man

Movies about composers that aren’t biopics and have colors in the title:

The Red Shoes
Three Colors: Blue

(and red + blue =) Purple Rain

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