Movie Roundup: Shall We List Edition

The spring Metro Classics got off to a great start tonight, as a sizable crowd showed up to see Fred & Ginger. With another of Mark Sandrich’s films on right now (that’d be Carefree, he did five total Astaire-Rogers films), I figured I’d list the latest additions to the Movies Of The Year Lists, which are heavily dominated by 2007 and 2006 films as I desperately try to catch up before award season ends. I’ll have a post up tomorrow about the awards we’re handing out at the Filmspotting Message Boards, and my annual Oscar predictions/awards will be handed out here Oscar weekend.

Wee Willie Winkie: 3, 1937
Steamboat Round The Bend: 4, 1935
Sunshine: 14, 2007
The Host: 13, 2006
Paprika: 15, 2006
The Namesake: 29, 2006
Atonement: 32, 2007
Triad Election: 24, 2006
Val Lewton: Man In The Shadows: 26, 2007
Haxan: 4, 1922
The Threepenny Opera: 3, 1931
The Warriors: 10, 1979
The End Of Summer: 9, 1961
Camille: 9, 1936
Red-Headed Woman: 13, 1932
Blissfully Yours: 5, 2002
The Wind Will Carry Us: 3. 1999
Seven Brides For Seven Brothers: 14, 1954
Syndromes And A Century: 5, 2006
Major Dundee: 7, 1965
The King Of Kong: 21, 2007
The Naked Prey: 8, 1966
No End In Sight: 23, 2007
The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford: 5, 2007
Sicko: 27, 2007
Carefree: 7, 1938

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