Metro Classics Returns

We’re back with another nine week repertory series, this time with six foreign films representing the opposing factions of World War II and three weeks of World War II movies starring the always surly Lee Marvin. Here’s the schedule:

Axis Powers (Germany, Italy, Japan):

July 30 – German Expressionism Double Feature: The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari (Weine) & The Last Laugh (Murnau)

August 6 – La Strada (Fellini)

August 13 – Ikiru (Kurosawa)

Allies (Britain, France, USSR):

August 20 – Black Narcissus (Powell & Pressburger)

August 27 – Pickpocket (Bresson)

September 3 – I Am Cuba (Kalatozov)

Lee Marvin:

September 10 – The Dirty Dozen (Aldrich)

September 17 – Hell In The Pacific (Boorman)

September 24 – The Big Red One (Fuller)

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