Movies Of The Year Awards: 2002

Best Picture:

The End: Punch-Drunk Love
Oscar: Chicago

Best Director:

The End: Zhang Yimou, Hero
Oscar: Roman Polanski, The Pianist


The End: Steve Coogan, 24 Hour Party People
Oscar: Adrien Brody, The Pianist


The End: Gong Li, Zhou Yu’s Train
Oscar: Nicole Kidman, The Hours

Supporting Actor:

The End: Daniel Day-Lewis, Gangs Of New York
Oscar: Chris Cooper, Adaptation

Supporting Actress:

The End: Isabelle Huppert, 8 Women
Oscar: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Chicago

Original Screenplay:

The End: Alan Mak and Felix Chong, Infernal Affairs
Oscar: Pedro Almodóvar, Talk To Her

Adapted Screenplay:

The End: François Ozon and Marina de Van, 8 Women
Oscar: Ronald Harwood, The Pianist

Foreign Language Film:

The End: Hero
Oscar: Nowhere In Africa

Documentary Feature:

The End: Bowling For Columbine
Oscar: Bowling For Columbine

Animated Feature:

The End: Ice Age (Sorry, it’s the only one I’ve seen)
Oscar: Spirited Away

Film Editing:

The End: Angie Lam, Hero
Oscar: Martin Walsh, Chicago


The End: Christopher Doyle, Hero
Oscar: Conrad Hall, Road To Perdition

Art Direction:

The End: Hero
Oscar: Chicago

Costume Design:

The End: The Two Towers
Oscar: Chicago


The End: The Two Towers
Oscar: Frida


The End: The Two Towers
Oscar: Chicago

Sound Effects Editing:

The End: The Two Towers
Oscar: The Two Towers

Visual Effects:

The End: The Two Towers
Oscar: The Two Towers

Original Score:

The End: Jon Brion, Punch-Drunk Love
Oscar: Elliot Goldenthal, Frida

Original Song:

The End: Eminem, “Lose Yourself”, 8 Mile
Oscar: Eminem, “Lose Yourself”, 8 Mile


The End: Punch-Drunk Love

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