Movie Roundup: Holiday Hangover Edition

I had planned to return to some kind of normal posting schedule this week, but I’m still too fuzzy-headed from the holidays to form thoughts at even my level of coherence. Instead, I’ll just toss out one of this quick roundups. Most of the films I’ve been watching are from 2008 and 1945, so I’ll be able to go write about them in the next few weeks (my plan is to do 1945 next week). Anyway, here’s what I’ve seen and where they rank for their respective years.

High Society: 18, 1956
Caesar and Cleopatra: 18, 1945
Valkyrie: 2008
Australia: 2008
In Bruges: 2008
Fallen Angel: 9, 1945
That’s Entertainment! Part II: 10, 1976
The Picture Of Dorian Gray: 11, 1945
That’s Dancing!: 21, 1985
The Barkleys Of Broadway: 18, 1949
Million Dollar Mermaid: 22, 1952
Leave Her To Heaven: 6, 1945
Paranoid Park: 8, 2007
Mongol: 46, 2007

One thing I have managed to do is pick up Hilary Hahn tickets for next month. Here’s something to help pass the time until then:

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