Movie Roundup: Trade Deadline Edition

Between unhealthy amounts of work, various travels around the state a rewatchings of Deadwood and Mad Men, and reading Infinite Jest (I’m halfway through! It’s great!) I haven’t had much time for movie watching over the last month, certainly not for writing about movie watching. Coming up, as we’re all on the edge of our seat with anticipation over how the Mariner front office will reshape the team in the next week, is the opening of Metro Classics. There’s a lot of good stuff on our blog over their, including an appreciation of our opening film, Stanley Donen’s Charade, by our friend Ryland Walker Knight.

In the meantime, here’s a list of what I’ve seen, and where each film ranks on The Big List:

Yolanda And The Thief: 12, 1945
The Harvey Girls: 18, 1946
You Were Never Lovelier: 15, 1942
A Married Woman: 7, 1964
In This Our Life: 19, 1942
You Only Live Once: 7, 1937
Muriel: 7, 1963
The Crowd Roars: 21, 1932
Father’s Little Dividend: 22, 1951
The Girl Can’t Help It: 6, 1956
Midnight: 12, 1939
Public Enemies: 2009
Up: 2009
1939: Hollywood’s Greatest Year: 2009
Manhattan Melodrama: 13, 1934
Man Push Cart: 15, 2005
Shogun Assassin: 11, 1980
Harry Potter VI: 2009
The Long, Long Trailer: 26, 1953
The Adventures Of Prince Achmed: 2, 1926
Beau Geste: 20, 1939
The Good Fairy: 8, 1935

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