Movies Of The 10s & 20s

So I haven’t actually seen enough movies from these two decades to have a proper Top 50 list for each of them, so I’m just going to mix them together, despite the grave disservice it does to film history.

1. Sunrise: A Song Of Two Humans
2. Steamboat Bill, Jr
3. The Passion Of Joan Of Arc
4. Nosferatu: A Symphony Of Horror
5. Sherlock Jr.
6. Battleship Potemkin
7. The Immigrant
8. The Man With A Movie Camera
9. The Last Laugh
10. The General
11. Nanook Of The North
12. The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari
13. The Adventure Of Prince Achmed
14. Broken Blossoms
15. 3 Bad Men
16. The Gold Rush
17. Cops
18. The Iron Horse
19. Häxan
20. Greed
21. Wings
22. Our Hospitality
23. Blackmail
24. The Circus
25. Faust

26. Seven Chances
27. Pandora’s Box
28. Metropolis
29. The Cheat
30. One Week
31. The Kid
32. Dr. Mabuse: The Gambler
33. The Three Ages
34. The Phantom Of The Opera
35. Birth Of A Nation
36. Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde
37. It
38. The Love Parade
39. The Play House
40. When The Clouds Roll By
41. Sunnyside
42. The ‘High Sign’
43. A Fool There Was
44. The Balloonatic
45. Cocoanuts
46. Manhatta
47. The Sheik
48. Speedy
49. The Mark Of Zorro
50. Tillie’s Punctured Romance

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