Movie Roundup: It’s Showtime, Folks! Edition

Here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve seen lately. If you want to read some of my actual writing, check out the Metro Classics website. I’m afraid that’s where I’ve had to spend most of my energy the last few weeks. Anyway, I’ve seen a lot of good stuff: a whole bunch of Bette Davis movies, some good 70s films in Killer Of Sheep and Mirror, Gene Tierney in The Ghost & Mrs. Muir, Vivian Leigh in Waterloo Bridge and Janet Gaynor in Seventh Heaven. I reached my goal of seeing every Jean-Luc Godard film from Breathless to Week End by finally watching Made In USA and managed to be both amazed and very very disappointed by Wim Wenders’s Paris, Texas. But the best of all the films I’ve seen has got to be Bob Fosse’s lunatic ode to art, life and self-obsession All That Jazz. Had I seen it a week earlier, it most certainly would have made my Top 250 list; it’s sure to find a home high up on next year’s list.

Made In USA: 13, 1966
The Old Maid: 22, 1939
NY, NY: 26, 1957
King Solomon’s Mines: 19, 1937
Seventh Heaven: 3, 1927
Now, Voyager: 4, 1942
The Little Foxes: 14, 1941
Watchmen: 2009
Killer Of Sheep: 5, 1977
The Most Dangerous Game: 11, 1932
The Hunchback Of Notre-Dame: 14, 1939
Waterloo Bridge: 7, 1940
The Ghost & Mrs. Muir: 5, 1947
My Favorite Wife: 20, 1940
Paris, Texas: 7, 1984
Mirror: 6, 1975
Deception: 9, 1946
The Private Lives Of Elizabeth And Essex: 24, 1939
All That Jazz: 3, 1979
Watch On The Rhine: 15, 1943

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