Movies of the Year: 2010 (Part Two)

Over at the home of Metro Classics, we’ve got a couple of Best of 2010 lists for films that played this year in the Seattle area.  But here at The End, the list of 2010 films will only include films that were first released in 2010, regardless of whether or not they were distributed widely through the malls of America.  It is, as always, incomplete, and will be updated as necessary on The Big List.

1. Certified Copy
2. Oki’s Movie
3. Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives
4. Carlos
5. Exit Through the Gift Shop
6. Day and Night
7. Black Swan
8. True Grit
9. 607
10. The Social Network

11. Thomas Mao
12. Hahaha
13. I Wish I Knew
14. Shutter Island
15. 127 Hours
16. Greenberg
17. Toy Story 3
18. The Sleeping Beauty
19. Get Out of the Car
20. The Drunkard

21. Poetry
22. Strange Powers
23. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
24. Gallants
25. Centurion
26. The Strange Case of Angelica
27. Made in Dagenham
28. Winter’s Bone
29. The Ghost Writer
30. The King’s Speech

31. Merry-Go-Round
32. My Film and My Story
33. Crossing the Mountain
34. Sweetgrass
35. The Fourth Portrait
36. Casino Jack and the United States of Money
37. Inhalation
38. Inception
39. The Indian Boundary Line
40. Predators

41. Icarus Under the Sun
42. Rumination
43. Hot Tub Time Machine
44. The Kids Are All Right
45. The Tiger Factory
46. Green Zone
47. The Last Airbender

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