The Laurel & Hardy Project #3: 45 Minutes from Hollywood

The most delightful film yet, this is another Glenn Tryon vehicle, though it does also feature both Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel, albeit not in the same scene.  This was their second time appearing in the same film, the first was way back in 1921.  Tryon plays a young man sent to Hollywood to pay a bill (or his family loses the farm or something).  Blinded by movie-love, he assumes the bank robbery he witnesses is in fact a movie set and ends up in a hotel having switched clothes with the crook and on the run from the law.  He gets tangled up with Hardy, playing the hotel detective (changing clothes again into the detective’s wife’s outfit, leading to accusations of adultery for poor Hardy).  Laurel is unrecognizable behind a big bushy mustache in a brief scene as a hotel guest whose bed is invaded by interlopers.  Janet Gaynor apparently appears as a hotel guest, but I didn’t catch her.

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