Now that the Oscars are done with, it’s past time I release a best Films of 2011 list.  This is even more preliminary than usual this year, as I haven’t had much chance to see new movies and I missed the Vancouver Film festival for the first time in several years.  Thus, I’ve only seen 24 films from 2011 so far, but that will change and this list will be updated as it does.  I’ve included links to reviews of the films I’ve written about.  Eventually there will be something for everything, but that’s a long-term project.

2. Drive
3. The Muppets
4. Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown
5. Hugo
8. The Adventures of Tintin
9. Winnie the Pooh
11. Moneyball
12. Super 8
13. The Guard
14. Thor
15. Rise of the Planet of the Apes
16. Fragments: Surviving Pieces of Lost Films
17. Attack the Block
18. Don’t Expect Too Much
19. The Adjustment Bureau
20. Page One: Inside the New York Times
21. Cedar Rapids
22. Rango
23. Captain America

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