This Week in Rankings

The movies I’ve watched or rewatched of the last several days, and where they place in my year-by-year rankings. I’ve been tracking the movies I watch on letterboxd as well. You can read the little bits I’ve said about some of these, as well as check out some lists over there, or by following the link on the movie title. I’ve also updated my Review Index to include some of the shorter reviews I’ve written over the last couple of years.

Gabriel Over the White House – 25, 1933
The Longest Nite – 13, 1998
Running Out of Time – 6, 1999
Running Out of Time 2 – 7, 2001

Running on Karma – 7, 2003
Throw Down – 9, 2004
Mad Detective – 9, 2007
The Five-Year Engagement – 48, 2012

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