Some Notes on the 2012 Endy Awards

Yesterday I announced the nominations for this year’s Endy Awards.  Here’s a brief look at some of the nominees, in anticipation of tomorrow’s big announcement.
Films ranked by number of nominations:
10 – The Master
9 – Moonrise Kingdom
8 – Night Across the Street
7 – In Another Country
6 – Like Someone in Love & Zero Dark Thirty
5 – Django Unchained & Holy Motors
4 – Lincoln
3 – Mekong Hotel, Something in the Air & Tabu
2 – Nine films
1 – Five Films

Of the five Best Picture/Director nominees, four are directors who have previously won Endies:

Abbas Kiarostami in 1997 for Taste of Cherry (Film Editing), 1999 for The Wind Will Carry Us (Foreign Language Film) and 2010 for Certified Copy (Best Picture, Foreign Language Film).

Paul Thomas Anderson in 1997 for Boogie Nights (Best Picture, Director, Original Screenplay), 1999 for Magnolia (Original Screenplay), 2002 for Punch-Drunk Love (Best Picture) and in 2007 for There Will Be Blood (Adapted Screenplay)

Wes Anderson in 2001 for The Royal Tenenbaums (Best Original Screenplay) and 2009 for Fantastic Mr. Fox (Adapted Screenplay and Animated Feature)

Hong Sangsoo in 2010 for Oki’s Movie and Hahaha (Best Original Screenplay).

If I ever get around to revising these awards (most of which I handed out back in 2008, four and a half long years worth of movie-watching ago), the fifth nominee, Raúl Ruiz, will likely pick up an award or two for his 2010 film Mysteries of Lisbon.

So, will this year see the first Best Picture win after several award-winning screenplays for Wes Anderson? Will Hong Sangsoo become the first Korean filmmaker to win Picture or Director? Will Abbas Kiarostami accomplish the rare feat of winning Best Picture with back-to-back films, something only Terrence Malick (with The New World and Tree of Life), Alfred Hitchcock (North by Northwest and Psycho) and Powell & Pressburger (Black Narcissus and The Red Shoes) have done before? Or will longtime Endy favorite Paul Thomas Anderson pick up his third Best Picture Endy, making him the most decorated filmmaker of his generation? Tune in tomorrow morning to find out.

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