They Shot Pictures Episode #11: Mikio Naruse

I’m back on the They Shot Pictures podcast this week talking about Mikio Naruse. I spent most of January watching his movies, enjoy as I mix them all up and sound more critical of Kenji Mizoguchi than I really meant to be. I hope to be on the show again in a few weeks to talk about Johnnie To (I’ve been watching as many of his movies as I can lately. I’m trying to squeeze it in before just baby #2 arrives at the end of March and brings my movie-watching (and sanity) to an end for a few months (at least).

You can download the show from the They Shot Pictures website, or look for the show on iTunes. From there you can also find my prior appearances on the Josef von Sternberg, Yasujiro Ozu and Hou Hsiao-hsien episodes, along with all the other great shows that I don’t appear on.

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