This Week in Rankings

We’re coming down the the end of what has been six weeks or so of Johnnie To movies to the exclusion of almost everything else. In between Milkyway films, I managed to answer the Springtime Movie Quiz from Sergio Leone & the Infield Fly Rule, create the Johnnie To Whimsicality Index and write about Infernal Affairs, The Departed and Johnnie To.

Here are the movies I watched and rewatched over the past week, and where they place on my year-by-year rankings. I’ve linked to my Letterboxd notes where applicable.

Loving You – 28, 1995
The Odd One Dies – 14, 1997
Expect the Unexpected – 11, 1998
A Hero Never Dies – 27, 1998
The Mission – 1, 1999
Infernal Affairs – 7, 2002

PTU – 1, 2003
Love for All Seasons – 15, 2003
Breaking News – 7, 2004
Sparrow – 2, 2008
Written By – 6, 2009
Vengeance – 20, 2009

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