They Shot Pictures Episode #15: Akira Kurosawa, Part One

After a two month baby-related hiatus, I’m back on They Shot Pictures this week to talk about Akira Kurosawa. This is the first of two episodes we have planned for him, focusing this time on his non-samurai films: the more obscure, perhaps for good reason, No Regrets for Our Youth, The Idiot and Red Beard. I liked all of these movies, though each are flawed in different ways. Hopefully discussing those flaws brings us closer to an understanding of Kurosawa’s work and his somewhat lesser critical standing than his rough contemporaries Yasujiro Ozu, Mikio Naruse, Nagisa Oshima and Kenji Mizoguchi, the Kinks to Kurosawa’s Beatles. We’ll be back again to talk about his samurai films in August.

You can listen to or download the show at the They Shot Pictures website, or on iTunes (where you can also give us a rating or a review). There you can find links to all our past shows. You can also follow us on twitter @TSP_Podcast. Over at letterboxd I’ve made a list of all 46 movies that have been discussed on the first 15 episodes. There you can also check out my ranked list of the 23 Kurosawa movies I’ve seen.

Coming up in the next week or so I’ll be talking Sammo Hung movies (Magnificent Butcher, Wheels on Meals, Pedicab Driver) with Jhon from Cinema on the Road and Seema and I will be talking Jane Campion movies (An Angel at My Table, Portrait of a LadyTop of the Lake) with Melissa from A Journal of Film. Check out our Upcoming Episodes page to see what we else have planned for the rest of the summer.

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