They Shot Pictures Episode #16: Jane Campion

This week’s episode of They Shot Pictures on director Jane Campion is now available. Seema and I talk about An Angel at My Table, The Portrait of a Lady and Top of the Lake with Melissa Tamminga from A Journal of Film. You can download the show or subscribe to it in iTunes over at the They Shot Pictures website. There as well you can find all our past shows, and you can follow us on twitter @TSP_podcast. Next up this weekend is our Sammo Hung episode (discussing Magnificent Butcher, Wheels on Meals and Pedicab Driver), followed by Abbas Kiarostami and the John Ford to round out July. Check out the Upcoming Episodes page for more information.

And speaking of podcasts, The George Sanders Show is now available on iTunes. Our next episode should be up this weekend, discussing Dead Man and Ride Lonesome.

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