This Week in Rankings

Since the last rankings update, I’ve been watching a lot of Running Out of Karma movies, shifting focus a bit from the 80s and 90s films I had been watching, first to more recent Hong Kong films and then further back, to the late 60s and early 70s. I’ve got a couple of Hong Kong They Shot Pictures episodes lined up for this summer, one on Lau Kar-leung and one on King Hu, so I’ll be looking at Johnnie To’s antecedents for awhile, rather than his contemporaries. Eventually I will get back to To himself though, having made it only three films into his career in six months so far. Meanwhile, in the last month or so I have reviews up of: SPL, New Dragon Gate Inn, Wuxia, The Legend is Born: Ip Man, Ip Man: The Final Fight, The Duel, Ten Tigers of Kwangtung, Tai Chi Zero & Tai Chi Hero, Fist of Fury & The Way of the Dragon, and The Assassin.

Also coming up is some coverage of the Seattle International Film Festival. Mike and I will be devoting a couple episodes of The George Sanders Show to the festival, starting the first weekend of June. Our most recent episode covers Under the Skin and Starman (and Only Lovers Left Alive), and coming up next week will be a discussion of Hatari! and White Hunter, Black Heart.

As always, you can check out my letterboxd page for short reviews and list updates.

These are the movies I’ve watched or rewatched over the last few weeks and where they place on my year-by-year rankings.

Born to Dance (Roy Del Ruth) – 22, 1936
Dumbo (Ben Sharpsteen, et al) – 19, 1941
The Assassin (Chang Cheh) – 22, 1967
The Chinese Boxer (Jimmy Wang Yu) – 11, 1970
The Duel (Chang Cheh) – 17, 1971

Way of the Dragon (Bruce Lee) – 9, 1972
The Boxer from Shantung (Chang Cheh) – 12, 1972
Fist of Fury (Lo Wei) – 14, 1972
Ten Tigers of Kwangtung (Chang Cheh) – 23, 1979
The Dead and the Deadly (Wu Ma) – 30, 1982

Starman (John Carpenter) – 12, 1984
Dirty Dancing (Emile Ardolino) – 40, 1987
Song of the Exile (Ann Hui) – 15, 1990
New Dragon Gate Inn (Raymond Lee) – 35, 1992
The Crow (Alex Proyas) – 62, 1994

Chinese Odyssey 2002 (Jeffrey Lau) – 9, 2002
Running on Karma (Johnnie To & Wai Ka-fai) – 3, 2003
Perhaps Love (Peter Chan) – 5, 2005
SPL (Sha Po Lang) (Wilson Yip) – 16, 2005
The Sun Also Rises (Jiang Wen) – 9, 2007

The Legend is Born: Ip Man (Herman Yau) – 21, 2010
Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame (Tsui Hark) – 24, 2010
Wuxia (Peter Chan) – 6, 2011
Tai Chi Zero (Stephen Fung) – 27, 2012
Motorway (Cheang Pou-soi) – 31, 2012
Tai Chi Hero (Stephen Fung) – 45, 2012

La última película (Raya Martin & Mark Peranson) – 1, 2013
Only Lovers Left Alive (Jim Jarmusch) – 3, 2013
Ip Man: The Final Fight (Herman Yau) – 16, 2013
Under the Skin (Jonathan Glazer) – 23, 2013
Boyhood (Richard Linklater) – 3, 2014

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